The Presentation Card

Have you ever met someone interested in buying what you have to offer or interested in working with you, and you wished you had a professional-looking business card but instead you end up putting your contact info on a paper napkin with your lipliner? Well not exactly with lipliner, that was just to add a little drama to the situation, but have you ever thought to yourself -ugh I wish I had a business card right now? I am sure it has happened to all of us, well having a non-curated bio is the equivalent to writing your info on a paper napkin.

The truth is, your bio is your presentation card, and it can easily be what determines if a person hits the follow button or keeps scrolling through profiles. These are a few tips for creating a killer bio.

► 5 things your profile picture must have:

1) Your face (preferably with a big smile)

2) It needs to reflect what your profile is about

3) Good Lightning

4) Good Quality

5) Tidy Background

5 things your bio should contain:

Pictures taken from @ilipajackson @uliaali and @Fashiontravelrepeat

1) Who are you? What is your name? how would you like your followers and brands to identify you?

2) Where are you? city? Country? It is easier for brands that only ship within the country or are only interested in local influencers to contact you if you say where you are based in.

3) A mindful but short description of what you do, this is your time to show people why they should follow you. You can also add a quote instead that speaks clearly of whom you are.

4) An email for both brands and followers to contact you other than the Instagram private messaging tools.

5) A call to action, Invite people to visit your blog, click on the link, read your latest blog. Just get creative and tell your followers what you want them to do, because let's be honest... most people don't do things until they are asked to.

While it is true that nothing beats great content, it is important to keep all of these things in mind, your job is not only to make it easy for brands that have an eye on you to work with them but also for your followers.

It is easier for people to relate to you if they have something in common with you, maybe that's your city or the place where you are originally from, maybe it is the kind of content you share, the more reasons to relate to you the higher the chance someone will want to connect with you.

I hope these tips were helpful and it helps you get a better understanding of how to improve your social media channels and set you up for success.

Happy Monday!




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