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The Perfect Hight Tea Party

Hi babe, Juls here! 

I hope you are having a fantastic week! Remember when I told you about my experience with high tea and how dreamy it was? Well, you should know I am addicted to Hight Tea. Yup, as you heard it, I am a sucker for vintage teacups and pinky fingers in the air. 

I am so addicted to them that I decided to throw a tea party at my house (for no real reason). It turned out so good that I want to share with you how I did it so that if you are into them, you can through the ultimate tea party as well.

Steps to host the perfect tea party:

1)Teacups, teapots, and other miscellaneous.

This part of the process is probably going to be what takes you the longest. It was though my favorite part of the entire process. I decided to get mismatched styles. I went to many vintage shops around the town and spent hours looking at tiny spoons and cups at stores full of incredible objects. I am not kidding; I spent an absurd amount of time at these places (by choice).

You can purchase a full set with teacups, plates, and a teapot that matches. But aside from it being super expensive, they are not a complete set. Keep in mind that unlike when you make tea at home by placing the tea bag in your cup, here you must brew the tea in the pot, so if you have five guests as I did, and each guest wants a different tea, which was the case at my party, you need a teapot per person. If you choose to do a mismatched set, you will never have to worry about getting five teapots from the same seller that match the tea set that you purchased. Also, God forbids something breaks; you can replace it with a random cup, plate e,t,c. There is no need to stress about matching it with the set you have. 

Side note: take a pick at Thrift stores, they have a bunch of vintage stuff at a quarter of the price.

What you need:

  • One Teapot per person

  • One Teacup + Saucer + Desert plate (recommended 3-piece set) per person

  • One 3- tear service per every two persons 

  • Sugar and Creamer 

  • One teaspoon, fork, one knife, and butter knife per person

  • One Napkin per person

  • Jam bowls

  • Strainers for teacups (In case you have loose tea)

2) The Food

I did not create any of the recipes myself because there are hundreds of them online. I will leave you some links to recipes right below.

There are certain things to keep in mind regarding the types of food served at tea parties, and this is where the 3-tier sets will come to play:

First Tier:

We are going to start at the bottom. The first tear contains finger sandwiches; as the name implies, they are tiny simple sandwiches, and you use your hands to eat them. We must have a minimum of 4 different types of sandwiches, one of each type per person.


Second Tier:

The middle tier contains scones, accompanied by jams and whipped or clotted cream.


Third Tier

the top tier should contain sweets, macaroons, mini fruit tarts e,t,c. 

I have to confess that for my last tea party I simply purchased tea sweets from Trader Joe's and they were a total hit! But if you want to make them yourself and bless your soul! Here are some recipes you can make at home.


The Trader Joe's options:

This two pictures do not belong to me.

3) The Tea.

I am a tea lover, which is why I have all kinds of tea imaginable at home, but here is the list of the top 4 teas you should be able to provide for your guests:

  1. English Breakfast or English afternoon tea.

  2. Earl Grey

  3. Green Tea

  4. Fruity tea like a wild berry, very berry, Pineapple, or pears.

Don’t forget to have different types of sugar aside from the ordinary cane sugar like Stevia, brown sugar, Splenda, or monk-fruit sweetener. 

Also, make sure to provide creamer, half and a half, and evaporated milk e,t,c.

4) Other Drinks.

It might sound obvious, but water! You must not forget the water. I did a strawberry and mint infused water with lots of Ice. 

On the other hand, providing mimosas and Champagne is a must. I did a cocktail with cotton candy and sparkling rose; it was easy and a total hit! here are some other examples of cocktails that would go well with the theme:

5) The Outfit.

You are probably wondering how people dress like for this fancy tea parties. Well, the dress code is semi-formal; Skirts and colorful dresses are the best options. If you are going to a tea party somewhere else, meaning a tea room, keep in mind that Black is not appropriate. Since the party is at home, you get to determine how lenient with the dress code you want to be.

Here is some Inspo:

6) The Floral Arrangements.

For my first tea party, I was lucky that the cousin of one of my friends is very talented and offered to make us the prettiest arrangements I have ever seen, they were garden Inspired and Oh my! were they gorgeous.

You can order your arrangements from her directly, find her on IG as @Thrivefloraldesigns

Weeks later, I had a second tea party, way more informal than the first one, but I still wanted it to look pretty, so I got these vintage teapots from a thrift store and decorated them with a variety of flowers from Trader Joe's.

7) The company.

Tea time is magical. People sit down and have fun conversations about life. Music plays softly in the background; the attention focuses on getting to know each person sitting at the table. Everyone shares their life stories, there is so much laughter, and time flies.

Make sure you choose the girls sitting at the table wisely, as is the people and not the food nor the tea that will make your afternoon tea a total blast.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed hosting this tea party. I surely want to do it again, of course, I can’t wait to start planning the next one.



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