Photo Editing Tips

Editing can be a challenging task, one of the hardest parts is finding an application that not only is good but easy to use, the truth is there are no short cuts, if you want your editing to be good you have to be willing to spend some time learning about it, there is no way around it even if you purchase presets and filters, because not all pictures are the same, and one filter does not fit all.

There are so many apps out there but Adobe Lightroom is by far my favorite.

Lightroom can be quite complex, not because it is difficult but because it has so many possible options but I promise you, once you understand the concepts, editing becomes a second nature.

Tip #1 Watch tutorials on Youtube.

here are some good ones:

  1. Lightroom for beginners

  2. How to edit in Lightroom and how to create presets

  3. Dark Brown Preset

  4. Tezza Copy Cat

Tip # 2 Use Pinterest. There you can find what I like to call the coordinates to achieve a specific look, it is an instruction sheet and there are all kinds of options, here are some:

  1. Orang Preset

  2. Teal Preset

  3. White and Beige Preset

  4. White Preset

Tip #3 Download an already done preset. There are so many people making downloadable free or very cheap presets. I am a firm believer of do it yourself for various reasons but if you don't want to, feel like it, or don't have the time for it here are some websites I recommend.

  1. Etsy

  2. Blogger Preset

  3. Blogger Preset + tutorial on how to download the presets

  4. blogger Vintage Preset

Tip #4 and possibly the most important to achieve the looks that you want. You need to be aware of the colors that you want to be present in your pictures, if you want a bright and light feed, wear white and beige clothing, take photos with a white background, and make sure you take them in bright daylight. If you want a summer like feed, take pictures with lots of blues and reds in it, it applies to all of the kinds of filters, what you are wearing, what is surrounding your matters.

I hope you find these tips helpul, See you next Monday!




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