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My Favorite Revolve Looks for August.

Hello my fashion addicts, and happy Sunday! I bring you a new edition of the Revolve Haul.

This time I picked a mix of comfy and glam, and this is how I styled them.

Cailyn Corset Top

The first thing I picked was this beautiful Satin Corset in a nude color. Corsets and princess-like tops are a thing this year. They give a touch of romanticism.

Maddox Top & Maddox Shorts

This cute and comfy top and bottom biker set is so cute and perfect for Fall, just in time for the season when the weather can't seem to make up its mind, summery but warm and cozy, I paired it with a white oversized button-down shirt and sandals, but you can wear it by itself or with sneakers for a more hipster look.

Cory Flutter Shorts

These white shorts are my cry for help to God, please don't take the summer away! Sorry if I disappoint you guys, but yep, I am one of those people that refuse to let go of summer, what can I do, I am a hot-blooded Latina, I need the sun to survive!

Now talking about these shorts, aren't they the cutest? and super comfy, I say this with a wide smile on my face. I paired it with the top from the biker set, because why not, it looks so cute.

Trinity Faux Leather Skirt

Last but not least, look at this hot nude skirt, yeah I know what you are gonna say, what's with all the nude colors Juls, where did your colorfulness go? well, I am in a mood for nudes if you'll know what I mean, wink wink!

I paired it with these super hot tops, It looks great with either a white or green top, quick someone, please invite me out, I wanna wear these outfits somewhere other than my house!

Thank you for always sticking with me till the end, I hope you liked all the outfits and remember to use the bellow links to order them if you loved them, or you can simply click on the names or pictures, like the old saying said, all roads take you to Rome, same here, well not to Rome but to your favorite Revolve pieces for sure!

Have an awesome day!

Xoxo, Juls.

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