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Christmas Eve Oufit Ideas

Updated: May 21, 2020

Happy Holidays my beloved travel bugs, I was sitting in my living room trying to think what my next blog post would be about, and I looked at the date and realized, we are one day away from Christmas Eve (by the time you read this it will be Christmas Eve already), so why not, do a little blog post about Christmas Eve Outfit Ideas, I hope you enjoy it. Also, note I have added actual links to the outfit pieces so that you can shop around. If you do put together an outfit, don't forget to tag me in your posts so that I can see how gorgeous you guys look!

Outfit #1 Tulle Skirt, Red top, Lace-up Heels.

Honestly, you can never go wrong with a pretty tulle skirt!


Outfit #2 Tweed Plaid Dress, Knee High Boots

Classy and young is my favourite style, size down when buying this dress, as I had to tweak it a bit so that it would fit.


Outfit #3 Plated Skirt, Flufy Sweater, Lace-up High Heels

I can not begin to tell you how many epic outfits I have had with this skirt, I have certainly taken a good advantage of it.



Last but not least I have a special love for red plaid coats, I leave you a couple of options bellow from low to moderate prices.


Merry Christmas to you and yours.



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