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3 Bralettes/Corsets I love

Hi guys, Juls here, I hope you are having a great Saturday. I think we can all agree that there is so much going on in the world, COVID-19, riots all over the US, killer hornets of the size of birds flying towards all countries, and the weather has been nothing but crazy. I just wanna know who threw the dices of Jumanji? we should present him or her as a human sacrifice to the gods, lol I am just kidding! Sorry for my dark humor, I just want to lighten up your day.

(bienvenidos a Jumanji)

Yesterday I posted a video of outfits with bralettes and so many of you sent me DM's to find out where they were from, so I decided I'll just make you guys a blog post with the links, they are all from Victoria's Secret and there are other colors and similar styles available.

Link to the video:

Unlined Floral Embroidered Long Line Bralette

This cute bralette is available in two other colors in blue and black.

I am wearing Size Small D-D which is equivalent to 34 DD

Unlined Bra Top

This is probaly my favourite, I absolutely love the shoulder details because it makes it look more like a regular top.

I am wearing size 34DD

Unlined Strapless Bustier

This cute Bustier is in 4 colours: Black, White, Pink and Blue and they are in clearence!

I am wearing size 34DD

Alright, guys, that's them, side note: I realized while I was adding the links that the third option is now on sale big time, it went down from $69.50 to $24.99 so I got it in black and pink because I love it so much! So I am gonna leave you with that additional tip and slowly and quietly leave the room. Have a nice rest of your weekend!



PS: This is NOT sponsored in any way by Victoria's Secret.

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