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The Quarantine Talk

Updated: May 21, 2020

If you live on planet earth, you are in one of these situations:

a) You are either oversharing news, articles, and videos on how to prevent the virus and how to wash your hands properly AKA spamming people with Shit.

b) You are absolutely done reading and watching anything that has to do with the virus.

I am not sure you, but I belong to group B, and it has nothing to do with me not caring whether the world is ending or not because I care, but... and it is a big BUT! I am done with fake news, the "this is how to wash your hands" videos. FYI this was a thing we all learned in kinder Garden, remember that annoying song? The shocking news is, it has not changed in the past 30 years, believe me! So why out of nowhere people seem to feel the need to remind us all how to wash our hands?

Granted we need to be more careful, don't touch our face all day long and wash our hands a few more times, especially if you are in contact with the outside world, not me I am being a good girl and #IStayHome but if you MUST go somewhere, just don't go licking your fingers after touching everything from your car door handles, to the bathroom door nob or everything you could have possibly been interested about at the store.

People aggravated the situation by going out there and buying every possible toilet paper left in the state, Like what are you building a fort made of toilet paper? COVID-19 is not gonna make you poop your brains out. If I were to use your common sense I'll be getting nasal sprays whenever I get the stomach flu, doesn't make sense does it? ok because buying all the toilet paper at the store doesn't make sense, it just doesn't.

I am not gonna lie, I am worried for society, are we all freacking dumb? what is our problem?

Stop sharing and OVER SHARING over and over about the COVID-19 If someone wanted to read about it, most of us have access to Google thank you very much!

There are actual apps that help me know if there are any infected people in my area and how many have been infected and died in my state.

Sharing unfunded news can aggravate the hysteria and it is not going to affect you... is going to affect the elderly that can't stand long lines in the cold while waiting to go inside a store. Some families live paycheck to paycheck and can't afford to go buy supplies all at once.

Stay home if you can, play video games, nap all day, watch tv, read a book, self teach a new hobby, I don't care what you do with your time! Have you not been begging to be a child again? Here is your chance, take it and enjoy it.

Stay healthy, don't do anything stupid that requires you to end up at the hospital (backflips or climbing up on trees is not a smart way to spend your time) and stay connected for more fun articles!



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