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Since I was a little girl, there were two things I knew I loved doing more than anything, number one as you already know was traveling (it is true, I have always wanted to travel the world) and two eating cookies haha, and when I say cookies I mean all kinds of cookies, from the classic OREOs that I used to eat after school sitting in front of a tv and sinking them in milk, or the yummy RITZ with the cheese in between that my mom used to pack in my lunch box to the yummy chips Ahoy with chocolate chips I used to steal from my grandmas kitchen, my tastes bud know no discrimination when it comes down to cookies, I love them all.

I bet you Nabisco new about my fascination for traveling and eating cookies because they decided to combine the two with what I believe is the most genius sweepstakes ever! You heard it right ! they are taking a very lucky winner to one of the following party destinations:

  • Rio Carnival in Brazil

  • St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

  • Mardi Gras in New Orleans

  • New Years Eve in NYC

Follow these simple steps and you will be in for the trip of your life!

1) Run into your closest Walmart, purchase either or all of the following products :

-Party-size OREO

-Party-size RITZ

-Party-size Chips Ahoy!

Ps: you can also purchase them online, find the links at the end of the blog post.

2) Once you have your favorite cookies, go online on your mobile device to to activate the Augmented Reality (AR) and from there you will be directed to the Sweeps page where you will be able to participate

Easy peasy right? can you picture yourself dancing Samba in Rio or cheering in between the happy people of Ireland, what about Mardi Gras in New Orleans or counting the last twelve seconds to the new year while in New York City?

My choice is Rio, What is yours?

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