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Dirty Thirty At The Fairmont

Updated: May 21, 2020

Hello my travel bugs, I am absolutely excited to share with you one of the most magical birthdays of my entire life, this year I went all out it would have never been the same if it wasn't for the help of every single person at The Fairmont Hotel, a truly one of a kind hotel in the heart of Chicago, one of the most vibrant and relaxing areas of the city, close enough to everything that is relevant, just a five minute walk to Millennium Park where you can find the famous Bean, 10 minutes from the Art Museum, passing excellent restaurants and coffee shops, and only 15 minutes walking dinstance from the iconic Navy Pier.

I had not arrived at the room yet and I was already getting super spoiled, from the lovely lady at the front desk, the bellboy that brought the luggage to my room, to the amazing room with the most perfect view of the city, day or night the picture was simply spectacular! The bright blue sky was finally showing up after a few days of rain and cold and I could not help but think, what a perfect birthday this is.

I arrived at the hotel closer to 5 PM, excited to start getting ready, in what I consider the most luminous bathroom mirror ever! Once I was done getting all dolled up while enjoying the

room service bottle of champagne that we ordered to the room it was finally time to go an explore the hotel, we sat by the bar and we met the nicest guy ever, he also happened to be our bartender, he made us feel welcome and comfortable. We spoke about everything, life, wine, where we lived, wine, cocktails, wine hahaha yeah we successfully spoke about wine the entire time, the guy turned out to be a sommelier, and we truly enjoyed his company and knowledge. He also treated us to the best cocktails ever, featuring beautiful edible flowers and delicious creative combination of ingredients watching it all happen was like magic!!!

That night we left for dinner and dancing, the night was out of this world!!! I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people, we danced until our feet would not hold us anymore, I was ready to go to bed, and we all know, nothing better than getting to a made, clean, crisp bed I was in heaven!! I woke up feeling great, that bed was so comfy I am still dreaming of it, I considered stealing the bed for my own house but how do I hide a bed of that size in my luggage was the important question, I gave up of course, I decided I would just have to come back!!

If you have never been to The Fairmont Hotel I absolutely

encourage you to do so, close to all the charanga is an understatement, the following day I walked to Navy Pier, it was only a 15 minutes walk, the number of restaurants and good bars are countless, the day was so sunny and just the right amount of warmth that it made the walk easy and enjoyable.

Later in the afternoon we stopped at the Hotel's spa, the perfect space to unwind and relax, my favourite part were the gorgeous bathrooms and the peace that was almost tangible in this amazing space. I felt like I was walking in another dimension, soft music, candle lights, infinity bathtubs, and for those gym junkies yes, they do have a fully equipped Gym, how cool right?

Alright, my loves it's time to say "Hasta la vista baby" for now, I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much I enjoyed celebrating my special day with this amazing hotel!

Happy Sunday !!

In the mean while, you can see the tour video of the hotel by clicking on the image above.

Special Thank you to all the Fairmont Hotel Staff and my PR contact that went above and beyond to make my birthday a one in a lifetime celebration.

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