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Au-Pair Hell Part 3

Updated: May 21, 2020

Ok, as I promised Here is the 3rd and last part of my adventure in the Netherlands, this story represents a broken piece of me that will never be repaired, it has everything to do with the sarcastic, trust issue person I am today, thanks to this I am more careful, more aware which is not necessarily a bad thing. There is also a lot more to the story but I made it short so that it doesn't take you forever to read, so here we go...

It was hard to believe, this guy was talking to me about taking an awesome drug in front of his children, what was even crazier was the fact that he stored this bottle of water containing that clear liquid (that looked like water) inside the fridge, at the reach of anyone!!!. Just off the record, later on, I found out this drug is called GHB or commonly known as a day rape drug.

A few days passed by and on one of those times when the dad was ​

having a good day, he cooked for everyone and made cocktails for him and I, the mom once again was Travelling for work, I had tried this cocktail before, it was aperol with orange liquor, aperol is quite bitter so I knew I didnt like it, when he offered it to me I said- no thank you!, and thats when I understood that what he was offering me was something more than a simple cocktail, he was so upset because I didnt want it, he made such a bid deal out of it that it made me suspect, I got up from the table pretending I wanted something from the fridge to go with my dinner, I looked up towards the area where I knew the bottle was ketp, and my heart dropped, the bottle was almost empty, I grabbed ketchup and approached the table, I smiled, I was polite, I took the drink, I let thecocktail touch my lips, I told him I was sorry it was too bitter for my liking and said I would simply have wine.

That night I was so confused, I looked at him and couldn't comprehend what was happening, the kids were here, what was he going to do with me? in my mind I always hoped I was exaggerating, he had used the drug on himself maybe, but what happened later left no doubt in my mind.

The kids finished dinner, I washed the dishes and put the kids to bed, as I was on my way to the upstairs area were my room was, the dad called me into the room, he was shirtless and was holding two glasses of wine, he offered it to me and he said he wanted to have a talk and asked me to sit in the bed, I obeyed, don't ask me why, I looked around the room and saw he had porn on his tv, before I knew it he was next to me, he said to me, - I have heard that girls with small boobs feel much more than girls with big boobs. That's when he literally played with my nipple.

I am still mad about this moment, I should have smacked him as he did that, I should have run away, I should have screamed at him, but I froze, I looked at him scared and I froze, while he was there playing with my boobs, I looked him in the eyes and sat there, speechless, motionless, scared. It took me a long time to realize that it wasn't my fault, that this was just the way my body reacted, some people are quick to respond, but I wasn't. Regardless, for the longest time I felt dirty, I felt worthless, I couldn't believe I let it had happened. If you are wondering, I eventually got up and run away towards my room, I called my friends and told them what had happened, I barricaded myself in the room so that he couldn't open the door if he tried, and I cried myself to sleep.

the rest is history, My friend came in her car to get me out of the house, I stayed with her in her house for a couple of days, I went to my friends parents house and stayed there for a few more days, I was lucky enough to find another job, lucky enough I had good friends that heard me and took action and most importantly helped me get through it, eventually I bought myself a ticket back to Madrid and went home.

My adventures around the world have made me who I am, good or bad, I still love Holland and Hope to come back one day, but I still wish I wouldn't have let myself outshine with materialistic things, and this thought me the most valuable lesson in my life, not everything that shines is gold, Lesson learned.

I hope you guys liked the story and most importantly I hope you guys learn from my mistakes, often the harder way is simply the right way, don't do short cuts when it comes to your safety, research more than you have to, ask all the questions you need ask, last but not least always stand up for yourself and if something like this has happened to you, remember, it wasn't your fault, nobody has the right to touch you if you do not want to be touched.

Happy Monday !!


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