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Au-Pair Hell Part 2

Updated: May 21, 2020

I know what you are thinking, you have made us wait so long for the second part of this story and it better be good. Trust me when I say this, when you read it you won't be disappointed, maybe a little scandalized, so here it comes...

It was hard for me to comprehend what was going on, the day I came

home from doing the groceries and I found myself in a room full of laughter and joyful sharing, it was time for me to start cooking dinner, and there was an invitee to the table, she was extremely friendly with both the parents and the kids, and when we were finally introduced it all kind of made sense, she was the previous au-pair, my mind went instantly crazy with unspoken questions, how can they be friends? maybe they just didn't like me, was I simply the unlucky Au-Pair that had to do all the work and none of the fun? What was scaping my knoledge? Certainly, once I would leave the house I would never speak to this people again, so why does she?.

The night went by nicely, they were all in a great mood, the food was good, the kids were great and the parents put the kids to sleep that night, so I was able to relax. I went out with the other Au-pairs, I came home at midnight and went to bed.

What was absolutely mind-blowing was the next day, as I woke up and the kids were already up, they greeted me happily and run to their parents bedroom, opened the door and there they were, the three of them, cuddled up with the same blanket and what it seemed to be, naked underneath the covers. I run away quickly, whatever was going on in there was none of my business and I wanted nothing to do with it. If I had questions before, my mind was absolutely bewildered, I could not comprehend a thing.

That was the day I found out the parents were swingers, and also the swing their Au-Pair way. Now it all made sense...

The story was long, they were a thing while she was home with them, and eventually, she kinda became the queen of the house. The mother was the one doing all the cleaning and taking care of the kids while the Au-Pair was doing the wifely duties per say. It almost ended their relationship, yet, there she was, playing swing in the bedroom again.

The problem didn't end there. The dad kept slapping me in the butt while I was working even though I would say no to it, and when I refused him I would soon regret it because it would get him in a bad mood, so guess what... he would belittle me and make me feel miserable.

I remember going out with my friends, staying with other Au-pairs at night on the weekends, I remember crying at night when it was Sunday and I needed to go back home, and that beautiful mansion became my prison, I would look at the pretty entrance and feel like I was about to walk into hell.

One of those weekends, when I had to stay working, the dad took us all to a little excursion. It was a fun day for a change. He was happy and outgoing and surprisingly nice. We were having a blast until he took me and the kids to this weird building. It looked like a factory of some sort and he asked us to wait in the car while he went to pick up "something." He left empty-handed and came back with a bottle of water, unlabeled and half drunk. He got in the car and looked at me while holding the bottle and moving the liquid in it.

- Do you know what this is ? he said.

- Water? I asked.

-No is an awesome drug, you should try it...

I know I know, I am leaving you waiting again but the last post will be up in a week, I promise!!!

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