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The Real Story Of How We Met.

Updated: May 21, 2020

This week the hubby and I celebrated our anniversary, so I wanted to share a little funny story of how my husband and I met 6 years ago on my birthday.

Back in the day when I used to go to college, I used to work for a Bar in Madrid, I had been working there for about 3 months at the time and my birthdate was coming up, if you know me well, you know my birthday is my favourite time of the year, I celebrate my birthday all month long! As you can imagine I had been making preparations for a while. I was very very excited until two days before the party when everyone bailed on me because they had forgotten about the bachelor party of one of our co-workers. They could tell I was upset so they decided to invite me to tag along, yes, I was the only girl and no, I was not the striper.

Now, this is when it gets funny, because the moment I arrived at the bar I saw him, standing by the doorway, he smiled at me as I walked towards the door, and when I was closer to him he whispered: "How come nobody has introduced me to this beautiful girl?" I looked at him, shook my head and started walking away from him. It is true, I basically told the love of my life that I wouldn't talk to him and walked away!

I was quick to judge, I am the kind of girl that likes tall, blonde, blue-eyed men, so when a guy that was shorter than my average boyfriend, no blond hair, actually no hair at all (he used to shave it) and no blue eyes, I simply discarded him.

My co-workers and I started drinking a little too heavily and finally, I found myself talking to this handsome, short, hairless, hazel eyes man. We connected, God knows about that because we where a little too tipsy-ezze, I am surprised we were able to talk at all, the rest from there is history, we exchanged phone numbers, and we just couldn't stop talking, talking to him is now one of my favourite things in the world, but mostly our relationship was most of the time about talking as there where times that we didn't see each other for over 10 months.

After many ups and downs, goodbyes, breakups, get back together, tears and so on, I am so happy we made it so far and even tho nothing is perfect, our love is a strong rock that holds us together through tough times.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog post about how the hubby and I met, remember that nobody is perfect, so waiting for the perfect man is not what you should be doing, as I am sure you are not perfect yourself, be realistic and find someone that cares about you so much that his imperfections are not that big of a deal, and don't be afraid to be yourself, I promise you, do your thing, it is the only way of meeting someone that will understand and embrace who you are.

Have a wonderful rest of your week, love you all.



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