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4 Must Haves For 2018 Fall

Updated: May 21, 2020

Hi travel birds, I have been wanting for the longest time, to address this matter, as we travellers walk so much and we want to walk in style I really wanted to make sure I brought you the latest trends for this Fall, after all, we need to look fabulous while discovering the world, don't we?

I picked 4 styles that are comfortable, affordable and absolutely trendy! Buckle up buttercup, we are about to start.

Over The Knee Boots

My first pick, The must-haves of must-haves! mostly because it dresses up any outfit, they are easy to pack on luggages and light to carry around, it also allows you to transition some of your summer clothes onto early Autumn clothes. I own right now 5 pairs of Over the Knee booths, I have them in different colours with heels for wild nights or dressy occassions, and in flat heels, this pair has no limitation, you literally just throw them on with any short skirt or dress and boom, cool classy and fashionable outfit.

Burgundy Booties

I have always had a love-hate relationship with this kind of booties, mainly because I am short and ankle boots, worn wrong can make you look shorter, I love them because worn right can compliment an outfit and take it from boring to the last in fashion without much effort. These particular ones are exceptionally pretty, with their silver studs all over them, and the cute burgundy colour makes any outfit pop.

Black ankle bootie

Classy, dressy, and versatile, worn with pants or dresses, these booties will give you the chic, Oui mon Amie! factor, Be aware! as well as the red higher booties, paired with the wrong pants or even with the right pants but folded the wrong way can be a disaster! These booties are all about the accessories, a nice cardigan and Darum!! ... you got yourself a nice and clasy outfit.

Red Sandal

I left this pair for last, mostly because they are my favourite, they are cute and small enough that they fit anywhere, they are comfortable, and thanks to the elongated belt that twists around your ankle, it gives you the feeling that instead of sandals, you are wearing booties which I love. These shoes are a statement, they are not shy, they call for everybody's attention. The sandals are bright red and the studs are a lot heavier than the ones on the burgundy booties, they will give your outfit a punky fun look, they are daring and exciting and they make you feel that way.

If you ask me what is the best part about every single pair here shown? my answer would be, that you can find them all in one place, and while you are at it, why not look around for other awesome finds?

Thank you once again for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed it !!

Love always,


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