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Love And Scandal For Tea

Updated: May 21, 2020

There is always first times for everything! and I certainly have many first times I need to tackle down, for starters I didn't know that there was such a thing called High Tea, I mean, yes I know there are pinkie in the air ladies that go for tea at fancy places but I never thought it was such a big deal, so much that people would pay tons of money for this experience.

The girls and I went to The English Room situated inside The Deer Path Inn, a Stunning Hotel with elegant halls, the amazing smell of old wood and high-end perfume. The service was amazing, starting from the complimentary valet parking, to the boys at the door, dressed in fine uniforms, welcoming smiles and most importantly, door opening handsomeness, made this experience so much fun.

As I approached the building the doorman opened the stunning doors that gave space to a beautiful check-in area, tall windows, hardwood and pretty chandeliers dangling from the sealings, the welcoming and elegant staff members are everywhere, giving you the feeling that you will be taken care of at the rise of a hand.

We walked into the impressive tea room where they already had our table set, I was wowed at the isntant as I missed this from back home, for what I have experienced so far, here in The US usually making reservations means you will be seated faster than the people who just walk in, yet does not mean you will be seated immediately as you arrive.

The setting of the table was fantastic and the waiters where so proper and pleasant. The waiter approached our table and unfolded our serviettes on to our lap, I must say I was a bit ackward because I didn't know what to do with my hands haha! He went ahead and explained the dynamic and asked us if we had any questions. Service was fairly fast, the tea came out right away followed by the trays with what in Spain we would call tapas, but here you call them finger sandwiches together with canapes, scones and sweets.

The Tea is of course of great quality, the food on the trays so carefully picked, the scones, the butter and the preserves where warm and fresh, the whole experience was delightful (British accent involved). It was so much fun! we were so into it that we literally started calling each other darling and speaking with accents.

For my outfit, I literally went on to Pinterest and looked up Hight Tea outfits, I did not like the ideas because they were too old-lady like. So I went for a tulle Skirt, a denim button-down shirt, closed toe Heels, a black belt with and a black beret.

I am probably having my birthday here next year and hope to be back at The English Room before that of course, it's the perfect afternoon party, no much drinking (wink, wink), just the right amount of eating, no extra loud music so you can actually talk, and they literally make you feel like a queen in a castle, can't wait to come back.

I hope you enjoyed this post, as it goes out of the ordinary from my travel diaries.

"Love and scandal are the best sweeteners for tea" By Henry Fielding.



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