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Grand Canyon

Updated: May 21, 2020

Hi, travel bugs, this is yet another post about Arizona, I almost feel nostalgic because I only have one more post about this awesome trip, but let's enjoy it till the end. For most North American people what I am about to say makes no sense, but my Colombian fellow readers and anyone who was brought up on a small city on a country with harsh travel restrictions will absolutely understand and relate. I read about the Grand Canyon when I was in School and as I was sitting listening to my Geography teacher talk about its beauty that she most likely had not seen, I let my mind wander and dream.

I am a daydreamer, 99% of the time that I spend in silence, my mind is merely wandering in the wildest of dreams, it has been like that since I was little and unlike what I thought it would happen as I would get older, my mind has never stopped dreaming. Well, I was listening to the teacher talks about how the Colorado River had created the canyon over millions of years, and looking at the pictures in the books I dreamed of visiting this amazing place. Not even In the wildest of my dreams could I have ever imagined its majestic beauty.

The Grand Canyon has the same ability as gazing into the night sky has, the filling that you are just this tiny little particle in the middle of everything, the experience is humbling and enriching. After travelling through all these other pretty places in Arizona, we finally made it to this amazing wonder. We had previously arranged a guided tour through the park, the tour guide drove us on a giant jeep throughout the Grand Canyon city and through the park as he narrated to us little tales and interesting information. We recommend doing this because you are carefree, you don't need to worry about where to go or how to get there, they take you in and out and drop you off at the same place where they picked you up. Also, they know the best spots and if you get on the sunset tour as we did, you will be able to see the canyon while on daylight and you will get to enjoy the sunset as well.

The moment I started seeing parts of the canyon as we approached the rocky area, I got goosebumps all over my skin, I mean, tear on the eye, shortness of breathing kind of thing, I swear my heart stopped for a moment. It is just like I imagined it, the colours on the rocks and the blue sky, the sun coming down and tinting the sky in purples and reds, the moon showing up high and bright, my hubby and I couldn't help but embrace each other and stare around. what an experience!!

Our second and last day we spent it at the desert view watch tower, a little ride on our car and we go to see this stone made tower that overviews part of the Grand Canyon, don't let it fool you tho, this old looking structure was designed to blend in with the nature but underneath it looks there is a steady iron and cement structure, there is an inside and outside observatory from where you can admire the views. Driving itself was amazing because wherever you looked there was beauty and I was so sad as we were leaving because I knew there was so much more to see.

There is one part of the canyon that we did not get to adventure in which was the Havasupai Indian reservation because of the shortness of our trip and our hunger of seeing more places in less time kind of got in our way, but we will certainly come back, as Arizona has left us with a taste for more.

I hope you enjoyed reading and most importantly I hope that if travelling is your passion, this blog post makes you wanna visit, it is as beautiful as you imagine and more.

Alright, travel bugs its time to say goodbye, thank you for taking the time to read and have an awesome weekend!



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