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Ghost Town

Updated: May 21, 2020

The warm breeze was hitting me softly on my back, the loneliness of the streets of Jerome had a soft sound of emptiness that resonates in my mind till this day.

Raised in the middle of nowhere, this old miner's town stands high in the Arizona mountains, the views are stunning once you are all the way in the top of the town and the streets become alive as you come closer to the downtown area. The streets are desertic but the restaurants are bursting with people and great ambience.

While on our trip around Arizona we decided to make a stop at this cute small town, I have always been intrigued by ghost stories and the idea of being in a ghost town was absolutely exciting to me.

The first thing we saw was a little glass shop that we happened to run into as we explored a lonely backyard, there was this little structure made of tin and brass, decorated with a few stans full of colourful glass items, and an old glassmaker man that was happy to show us how wine glasses were made.

We made it all the way up to the famous Jerome Grand hotel formerly known as the United Verde Hospital, its believed that at least nine thousand people died in this hospital, took us about 7 minutes walking from the centre of the city, and it was totally worth it. Yes, it is an actual Hotel and yes there seems to be something very spooky in the air. My hubby and I sat for about an hour reading the ghost stories from the visitor's book, we are definitely coming back to stay one day!

The food and service are amazing in Arizona and Jerome is not the exception, we ate at this cool restaurant called The Haunted Hamburger, but we wished we had more time to try many more restaurants, the sliding jail, the copper museum, and of course the wineries that are around.

I am certainly looking forward to the day I can come back as there is so much more to see about this cool little ghost town. I hope you guys get to see it too, it is totally cool!

Love as always,


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