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Rout 66, Arizona

Updated: May 21, 2020

Hi, travel bugs, I know it has been a while, I have been going through a time where inspiration wasn't exactly at hand but I am back and I am bringing you one of my favourite trips ever!

Has it ever happened to you that you find out about a cool place on the internet and you put it as a goal to visit that place at all coast? Well, ​​that's exactly what happened to me with the Historic Route 66 and besides that, I have been obsessing over the Grand Canion since my

school years, back in my geography class.

Well, We went to Arizona on a surprise birthday trip for the hubby, we flew to Phoenix on a short (one night) visit to his parent's house and from there we drove to the Grand Canion, what an amazing ride! let me tell you, my life was complete when I realized I could kill two birds with one stone, my heart literally stop when I saw on the map in big letters that we would be driving through Route 66.

Rout 66, also known as the mother road, is an old highway, It begins in the State of Illinois and crosses the country all the way to California. It ​​offers amazing views as you cross through out all the different states and while you are in it, you get that 50's, travel back in time kinda feeling.

While driving towards the Grand Canyon we visited this amazing restaurant called Galaxy Diner and it was perfection, is like walking in a place that is stuck in the past, I am talking Jukebox, black red and white

tile floor, neon lights and vibrant reds, most importantly, delicious burgers and OH LORD, The Milkshakes! They have a hundred flavours listed in their menu, of course, we did not try all 100 but the ones we had were amazing! My personal recommendation is Pineapple, It is my favourite fruit in the entire world and it was out of this world.


When I started writing this blog post I thought I would talk about my ​entire trip there, but I am afraid if I do, this post would be impossible to read as it would be so extensive, I will split this post in multiple ones and I hope you enjoy reading every single one of them, for now, I wanna end this by saying that by no means have I been asked or paid to promote the Diner, ​​and most importantly, this is my honest opinion.

happy week my loves!


Galaxy diner website:​

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