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Paradise In Cancun

Updated: May 21, 2020

Hi beautiful people, I know, I know! it has been a While, but I am finally settling down after travelling here and there, it has been fun but tiring and the adventures are endless.

Let's begin with the fact that I am a total snob for big, historic cities, so going to an all included Vacation to a place that is not even 50 years old, wasn't exactly the kind of travelling for me. But let me tell you, from the moment I landed to the day we left, it was amazing.

I mean it was like paradise! My routine was simple, wake up, eat tacos, drink mimosas, eat tacos, lay by the swimming pool, eat tacos, go to sleep, repeat!

I am usually stressing out about things I wanna see in a city, I am always quizzing in a little tour that wasn't on my plans, and trust me I am so organized I always see everything I want and more. So to be on a trip where you literally do nothing else but relax and for me to actually enjoy it was MIND BLOWING! I didn't want to leave this place, the hotel was amazing, the service outstanding and I felt like a celebrity, everything was done for me, drinks by the pool, All the food I wanted any time I wanted it.

A few tips when going on a trip to a tropical destination at an all-inclusive resort:

1) Bring nice clothes, There might be some restaurants in the hotel that you will only be able to access if you are well dressed.

2) Hydrate yourself and make sure to ask for drinks without Ice because the water is usually not the best and can make you sick especially if you have a week tummy like my gringo husband. Also, don't drink water from the faucet, it's an all-inclusive hotel, ask for a bottle of water to your room, guess what ? it is included! I actually went as far as to not brush my teeth with their water.

3) Be careful with what they offer you if you sit on a sales pitch, don't get distracted and if you really are not planning on buying timeshares, make sure you say NO from the beginning, they know how to waste your time. We said yes to the Timeshare sales pitch because they offered us freebies, they were not worth it, they never are if you are not planning on getting them, just say not at first. BUT if you are planning on buying say no until the end, and then when you get the offer you wanna hear, then say yes, you are welcome!

5) Enjoy, let yourself loose, relax, go for a walk on the beach, if it rains go into one of the many bars, restaurants, clubs the resorts usually have, or watch a movie while you hear the rainfall. Don't let anything get to you and most importantly don't fight with your spouse about how hight the SPF protection is on your sunblock, just meet half way and be happy, Jajaja yes we fought and I lost (Don't tell him I admitted it).

Thank you for reading my blog I promise it won't be too long until I post again!

Love Juls.

Dress: Discovery clothing

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